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Unravel the Clues to Your Life Dreams and Goals

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Clues-Letter to Abundance

Become at least as curious about your own life as  the lives of people you admire or even envy. Become a Possibility Detective of your dreams, not theirs.

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Clue:  Nothing changes, if nothing changes.  What change in your life do you want to manifest?

Every situation you currently experience is open to change. You’ve probably heard similar claims before — claims about manifesting joy, happiness, success, true love, financial independence or other possibilities. In some ways, what we are about to share is not new. It is ancient wisdom that we’ve repackaged for simplicity and clarity.

Be curious!  Unravel the clues to your own life dreams and goals.


  • Because it’s fun.
  • Because it will lead to permanent, transformational changes in your life.
  • Because it’s simple (not always easy, but it is simple).
  • Because you’ll then have the tools to find and follow your life clues — those same clues that can help make your unique dreams come true.
  • Because we’ve followed this basic concept, and our lives have been made immeasurably richer.


Becoming a Possibility Detective is as simple as becoming mindful and magnifying two qualities inherent in your consciousness:

  • Intentions. Those goals and dreams most of us do a good job of identifying.
  • Attention. The ways you take action, in thoughts and deeds, to keep your focus on your Intentions. This is key step most of us forget to take. Without it, true transformational change is difficult. (See WOO eGuide for why this is so.)

Conscious change is brought about by two qualities inherent in consciousness, Attention and Intention. Attention energizes and Intention transforms.                                                                                       Deepak Chopra, “The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success”

As just mentioned, we often focus on Intentions but ignore the actions required to keep our Attention energizing those dreams.

Begin NOW!

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26 Clues to Your Dreams & Goals